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About me

About Me

I am a composer who studied in the field of creative media just graduated from City Univeristy of Hong Kong about a year ago.

Composing, singing and playing guitar have always been my favourite hobbies since I was younger. I started recording my first cover in 2013 with just a built-in microphone on my pair of earphone and a copy of the free recording software Audacity. .Since then I have been making more and more music at my free time.

I wrote my first song in 2014 when I wanted to farewell my friend who is leaving the country to study as a farewell gift. It was the most sophisticated song but it was my first attempt in writing a full song from scratch, writing lyrics, arranging and recording it.

During my time studying in University, I learnt a lot more about recording, mastering and various storying telling techniques through classes and my own researches in my free time. I’ve also gained a lot of experiences of composing pieces for different media such as advertisements, animation and movies.

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Compose, Arrange

I primarily use Logic Pro X as my main DAW to compose, arrange and record music. Occasionally I also use DAW such as ProTools and various virtual instruments to complete my pieces.

Record, Mix

I have experience with audio hardwares including various microphones mixers, and audio interfaces during my studies.

Musical Instruments

I have experience with various musical instruments, most of them self-taught and I perform and record some of them for my creations from time to time.

Tech, Programming

Currently being a front-end developer and UI/UX designer, I've experience with a number of programming languages and frameworks.

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